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Television and Film Production

We take on as many steps in production as you need us to, whether it is in preparation of your production: the research, a synopsis, location scouting, casting or the complete production including direction, voice overs or the musical setting. Furthermore the services we provide in Berlin and worldwide consist of: editing, production, cost estimation and organisation.

Teams & Crew

We will arrange your own customised crews for you with their own stylists, hair and make-up artists, digital operators, assistants, writers, implementers, camera and sound technology, EB team, VJ, special equipment such as drones, hidden cameras, GoPros, etc.

Service & Booking

We offer multiple services and premises, ranging from foto and television studios, video and lighting equipment up to set technicians, props, vehicles, catering, animation & graphics and post-production. Our large network of partners makes it possible for us to offer works of all kind to you.

Ideas & Concepts

Our aim is to try our hardest to make the world a better place by continually developing and staying innovative. Get in touch with us if you need a film for your TV-Show or TV-Serial.

Meerlino Media Ltd

We are a full-service agency that handles television, film and photo production. We have been assisting the work of television stations, production companies since 2012 from our Berlin headquarters. Whether you need assisting with video casting, mood videos, awareness films, pilot episodes or the production of a complete documentary series – we will support you professionally and reliably. Our existing customers such as ARD, ZDF, Sat1, RTL, RTL2, ProSieben, Vox, Kabel 1 and Arte highly value our broad network of experienced staff. This way we are able to offer all competences at the highest level.

Send us an e-mail with your requirements and you will receive a cost estimation without delay.

We produce coverages, documentaries, TV specials and corporate videos around the world.


Judith Milberg. Design for each day

Recycle Design is a playground for the new individualists. A microwave could be turned into a dog basket or tasteful high-quality second hand furniture can be built by recycled materials. Since the success of her book, Judith Milberg is convinced of her design concept. She demonstrates how seemingly worthless or inconspicuous objects are turned into partly humorous, partly very decorative pieces. With her high expertise and refreshing playfulness Milberg introduces the audience to the world of Recycle Design and shares her enthusiasm for shapes and colours with us.

Documentary series:  Germany; Direction: Fraya Frömming;
Camera: Olaf Dorow; Editing: Kirstin Geller;

a co-production by zero one film and ARTE (4 x 26 min.)

“Deutschland. Dein Tag“ (“Germany. Your Day”), ARD, 2015

Deutschland. Dein Tag“ (“Germany. Your Day”) is a twelve hour real-time documentary that shows life and reality so concentrated, versatile, closely and tangentially as it has never been seen on German television before. More than 60 camera crews followed people in 82 different places in Germany on just an ordinary Sunday. Fraya Froemming (screenwriter/director) und Olaf Dorow (camera) accompanied the Fehrbellin skydivers a whole day long for this extensive documentary from ARD, produced by TV Plus.

Direction: Fraya Froemming; Camera: Olaf Dorow

Terrorism and Amok-runs – How do I survive

Terrorism puts the world on alert. But after every attack, there have been survivors too. Some were lucky, some of them acted instinctively right. Heinz Kraft is an expert on amok-runs and violence prevention. He trains security forces, students and teachers and knows exactly what to do in the case of an emergency. So which is the safest way to behave when you are subjected to an attack?

Sat 1– Fahndung Deutschland (“Tracing Germany”);
producer: Maz & More TV; writer/editing: Fraya Froemming;
production: Hendrik Schindler; editing: Iris Bökenheide

Educational Film

Recognising and treating ANAPHYLAXIS

Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of an allergic reaction. If left untreated it can lead to death within minutes. On the one hand it was our task to depict the causes of anaphylaxis and on the other to capture the disease pattern using graphics and animations, giving patients and people affected clear guidelines. The film hast been translated into six further languages since and serves doctors and people affected world wide as an educational film.

Client: Charité Hospital Berlin/Meda Pharma;
Producer/Author: Meerlino Media/Fraya Froemming;
Ilustrations/Author: Ansgar Gelau;
Animations: Connie Riedel

Props & Locations

We love a challenge – props for a photo session, TV or film, or even the complete set-up of a pathology ward – we will make it possible. For instance, we turned a former veterinary clinic into a pathology department for the Sat1 TV show “Dem Tod auf der Spur” (“Tracking down Death”).


The Meerlino Team

Fraya Frömming

Manager and Producer

After doing her degrees in literature, philosophy and psychology in Berlin Fraya Frömming ended up in the thriving television industry of the capital city. She developed campaigns for Scholz & Friends and United Visions and globally produced TV coverages and documentary series. When she isn’t busy directing one of the multiple productions, you will probably find her on a paddle board with her dog in search of new stories and inspiration.

Kirstin Geller


Before going to work Kirstin likes it best to go for a morning swim in the Havel lakes of Berlin. But her second biggest passion is getting back to work on the Avid Video Editing software. She has certainly mastered the Final Cut software too. Kirstin Geller preferably edits documentaries, coverages, corporate videos and trailers. She is especially talented at clearly imagining in advance which stories and emotions are supposed to be depicted within a production, creating true works of art for TV or PR.

Iris Bökenheide

Editing, Motion Graphics and Animation

As a motion graphics designer and video editor Iris Bökenheide has been creating corporate videos, TV commercials and coverages for more than 10 years. Currently she is focusing on visualisation and animation in 2D and 3D.

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